What’s sip & scan®?

What is the sip & scan icon?

The sip & scan icon is an exciting way to access experiences, rewarding perks, sweepstakes, and more. When you see an icon, grab your phone and type in the unique sip & scan URL on your product's packaging or open the Coca-Cola mobile app to get started.


If you wish to participate in sip & scan experiences via the Coca-Cola mobile app, click on the link that corresponds with your mobile device’s OS:



Where can I find the sip & scan icon?

The sip & scan icon is found in many different places. Look for it on the beverage label of Coca-Cola products, on in-store signage, promotional locations, or on promotional cups. Keep an eye out – you never know where you’ll find the special icon.


How do I scan the sip & scan icon?

You can scan the sip & scan icon through your phone's web browser or through the Coca-Cola mobile app.


To scan using your phone's web browser:
  1. Grab your phone and enter the unique sip & scan URL on your product’s packaging.
  2. Tap the SCAN NOW button at the top.
  3. For Android users: Focus and center your camera on the special icon. Your phone will automatically read the icon and lead you to rewarding perks.
  4. For iOS users: Select "Take Photo" and snap a clear and focused picture of the sip & scan icon. Then tap “Use Photo.” Your phone will read the icon and lead you to rewarding perks.


To scan using the Coca-Cola mobile app:
  1. Open up the app and tap the bottle icon on the bottom right of the home screen to view the latest experiences.
  2. Select an offer that uses sip & scan as an eligible form of entry, then tap the SCAN NOW button.
  3. Center and focus the sip & scan icon in the middle of your camera. Your camera will automatically read your special icon and lead you to rewarding perks.


sip & scan troubleshooting

Having trouble scanning the sip & scan icon? Here are some common problems and how to fix them.

  • If the photograph is out of focus or blurry, try focusing your phone’s camera and holding it as still as possible.
  • If there is glare from lighting, try taking the photograph on a slight angle, or block the glare with your hand.
  • For optimal clarity, avoid overhead lighting and dark environments.
  • Capture the entire circular icon in the photograph.
What not to scan:


Do I need to create a Coca-Cola Company account to use sip & scan?

You don't need an account to scan the sip & scan icon, but without an account, you won't be able to save or redeem your rewards! You can create an account on any of the beverage's websites and use it on both your web browser and the app. If you already have an account, make sure to log in before scanning so you can save and redeem your rewards.

Why do you need access to my camera?

In order to scan the sip & scan icon, you will be asked for permission to briefly access your camera. The image you captured acts as the scan that’s required to unlock experiences and rewards.


sip & scan will not have access to any other part of your phone.

I got a notification asking for my location - why should I enable location services on my phone?

Turning on your phone’s location service allows you to explore unique experiences and chances to win near you. Wherever you are, Coca-Cola has exciting experiences waiting for you—all you have to do is turn on location services.


If you are not logged in or have not yet enabled location services on your phone, you will receive a message: "https://us.coca-cola.com would like to use your current location."


When prompted, select "OK," then explore all the exciting sip & scan experiences near you!

What is the difference between scanning the sip & scan icon and scanning a product code?


The sip & scan icon looks different than the product codes you’re used to seeing on caps and packaging. Scanning sip & scan icons leads you to exciting experiences, and scanning product codes earns you refreshing rewards. Each time you scan the special icon, you’ll unlock a unique and rewarding experience. Make sure to scan frequently, as offers, perks, and rewards are always changing.

What brands participate in sip & scan?

To view the full list of participating brands on our website, click heretap here. Keep checking your favorite brands to see which products have sip & scan on their latest packaging.

Need help?

If you need additional help with scanning the icon, please Contact Us.